Good service is good business.


How to make customers love you
and keep coming back.


Learn from the expert, 
Nina Sunday.


Live online learning event
with Nina Sunday

Individuals can join this program 
(2.5-hour live online group coaching masterclass). Your people will walk out with a list of ways to improve the Customer Experience.



Live online workshop over Zoom.

WED 29 JUNE 2022
11.00 AM - 1.30 PM (AEST - SYD, MEL, BNE)
  9.00 AM - 11.30 AM (AWST - PER)
$150 including GST single admission
$97 per person group of 2 or more
(For multiple participants, ask us for an invoice at [email protected])

Who is presenting?

Presented live, in-person by Nina Sunday (BA, Dip Ed) 

People tell us they love the clear, friendly style of Certified Virtual Presenter, Nina Sunday, who is accredited as an assessor of the International Customer Service Standard.
Nina was script consultant and co-presenter on the Aged Care Channel's TV episode on customer service.  

For more details about face-to-face training at your workplace Australia-wide (Syd, Mel, Bne, Cbr, Per), learn more HERE

What People Say

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Program outline

✔ How to achieve consistently friendly and courteous service
✔ Telephone techniques . . . because a smile can be heard through the phone
✔ 'Moments of Truth' - how to improve each customer touch-point
✔ Understand the Customer Experience (CX) from a client's point-of-view
✔ Dealing with complaints and difficult client behavior
✔ How to respond to customer requests with a sense of urgency 
✔ Surprise and delight clients by under-promising and over-delivering
✔ What makes clients stay; reasons they leave
✔ The lifetime value of existing clients
PLUS How to continuously improve the Customer Experience with the 'Plus One' rule
✔ What are we NOT DOING, that if we did do, might improve the customer experience, even by 1%?

Workshop content based on best practice according to the International Customer Service Standard (ICSS)

What to Expect

The live masterclass is 2.5-hours, delivered live, online, with Nina Sunday in person as your facilitator. Not only will Nina explain best practice Customer Service, but you can ask your questions all the way through. 

A Certified Virtual Presenter, Nina Sunday is upbeat, interactive and engaging. Her online workshop is delivered simulating a live seminar, with flipchart, slideshow on big TV and accompanying handout. She puts you in the front seat as if it's a boardroom presentation. (It's NOT one of those old-style webinars with screen-shared PowerPoint and presenter in a little video box corner of the screen.)

There'll be breakout rooms so you can share insights with a small group of fellow participants, as well as opportunities to unmute and ask your questions in person.

For privacy, a replay is NOT made available, so you can ask questions and speak freely.


You won’t have to travel to get to this event. Both sessions are delivered via Zoom, an online platform, so you’ll easily access the sessions from the comfort of your home or office.


Anyone can attend from anywhere in Australasia and globally, as your timezone suits.

Web link sent via email prior to the session.


‘LOVED this workshop. Trainer was knowledgeable, entertaining and provided the perfect balance of practical tips, theory and humour! Have already recommended this workshop to many colleagues.'
Katie, Human Resources, QUT, Kelvin Grove
'Great insights, breadth of knowledge and sense of humour!'
Pip de Rohan, CEO, Project One
‘Great course, very interactive session with simple things to implement.’ 

Troy Shultz, Principal Engineer, PeakUrban


and manage a client's disappointment.

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