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 Want written communication to appear more professional? 


How to write clearly and concisely, including reports.


Learn with the expert, 
Nina Sunday 

Business and Report Writing
live online training

BLENDED learning event with 
Nina Sunday

Individuals can join this BLENDED program (two parts, online mini-course + 2.5-hour live online group workshop). 

Part 1: 
5 x 2 to 4 minute videos online mini-course with Nina Sunday, viewed prior
Part 2: 
2.5-hour LIVE online workshop with Nina Sunday on:
WED 27 APRIL 2022
10:30 AM - 1 PM (AEST - SYD, MEL, BNE)
8:30 AM - 11 AM (AWST - PER)


Live Online over Zoom


Part 1: self-paced 24/7 online minicourse available 60 days from registration
Part 2: WED 27 APRIL 2022
10:30 AM - 1 PM
8:30 AM - 11 AM (AWST - PER)
Live online group workshop
$150 including GST per person


Presented live, in-person by Nina Sunday BA (Eng/Psych), Dip Ed (Eng)
People tell us they love the clear, friendly style of Certified Virtual Presenter, Nina Sunday, who is a qualified expert in business writing skills. 

What People Say

What Marco Formaggio, Director of Innovation and Strategy, Bluleader, says - Watch here. 

'Hi, my name is Marco from Blueleader. We’re a technical consultancy and we’ve just done a course on Business Writing with Nina Sunday. We’ve got a lot of value out of it because we do a lot of technical, complicated writing. It was good to learn how we can simplify and effectively communicate with our customers; to be seen and perceived as a more professional organisation.'


What to Expect

The live online workshop component is two and a half hours, delivered with Nina Sunday in person as your facilitator. Not only will Nina explain Business and Report Writing, but you can ask your questions all the way through. It is expected everyone attending the masterclass has already viewed the online minicourse (5 x 2-4 minute videos).

Business and Report Writing 

Live online 2.5-hour program

Improve readability and ability to influence with crystal clear clarity, using fewer words, Plain English and persuasive language.
Bring a writing sample for makeover.

✔️ Economy – reduce wordiness, brevity tricks, omit needless words, avoid qualifiers
✔️ Make every word count – avoid repetition and redundancy
✔️ Neuro-insights (from neuroscience) - how the right choice of words can influence
✔️How to avoid nominalisation i.e. ghost verbs - using nouns instead of verbs
✔️ Change passive voice into active voice to make writing less wordy, more direct, more ‘vigorous’
✔️ Grammar basics; overcome common errors in punctuation, grammar and written expression
✔️ How to strike the right tone - not too formal or officious, nor too casual, but just right for business
✔️ How to write readable reports 
✔️ Better structure the flow of ideas 
✔️ Understand what is an effective Executive Summary
✔️ How to plan a report to avoid idea gaps
✔️ How to satisfy both 'detail' and 'what's-the-bottom-line?' readers 

A Certified Virtual Presenter, Nina Sunday is upbeat, interactive and engaging. You are invited to attend with camera and mic enabled, for interactive discussion. (It's NOT an old-style webinar with narrated PowerPoint, presenter in a square in the corner of the screen.)

There'll be opportunities to unmute so you can share insights with a small group of fellow participants and ask your questions in person.

For privacy, a replay is NOT made available, so you can ask questions and speak freely.

You don’t have to travel to get to this event. The session is delivered via Zoom, an online platform, so you’ll easily access the sessions from the comfort of your home or office.

Anyone can attend from anywhere - Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Asia and globally, wherever your time zone suits. Web link sent via email prior to the session.


After working in education (including high school English teaching), the performing arts, sales and television, Nina Sunday  (BA, Dip Ed, Certified Speaking Professional, Certified Virtual Presenter) founded Australian training company, Brainpower Training Pty Ltd delivering communication, productivity and people skills training to government and private sectors Australia-wide.

Nina is host of the popular management podcast, ‘Manage Self, Lead Others’ on self-leadership and leading people. It can be accessed here or via your favourite podcast app.

Nina’s 2018 book, ‘Workplace Wisdom for 9 to thrive; proven tactics and hacks to get ahead in today’s workplace’, is available on Amazon, and is a selection of the US-based, C-Suite Book Club’s list of leading business books. Based in Brisbane, Nina was 2020 Queensland President of Professional Speakers Australia, and frequents the speaking stage as well as leading inhouse training.

Business Writing video lesson: 
One Sentence, One Idea

< 3:59 > 
Improve readability by avoiding long sentences readers find hard to follow. Watch as I makeover a long sentence to make it more clear, more readable and more reader-friendly.
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‘I was impressed and inspired by the content of the training. Often training sessions use theoretical concepts that are rarely used in practice. In contrast I found the practical tools you demonstrated relevant and have used them in many report and business and business writing contexts since.'
Emma Whitehead, Program Coordinator, General Practice Queensland
‘Learned how to write with purpose, fewer words, writing active voice.’

Julie Twomey, Program Facilitator, Townsville General Practice Network
‘Good exercises, clear examples, great workbook, excellent variety, knowledgeable facilitator.’

David Elsey, Dept of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

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