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Short 'n' Sweet microlearning 
5 mins a day for 30 days

Want written communication to appear more professional?


Invest 5 minutes a day over a month

to learn how to write more clearly and concisely.

Event concludes with a live online virtual workshop.


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Register for the 30-day Short 'n' Sweet microlearning experience where the app dishes up daily 5-minute microlessons.
          Over 30 days you’ll experience 30 key concepts to apply to your written communication to make it more readable, concise and clear.
            People tell us they love the variety – daily inspiration, video microlessons, coach's corner, participant interaction and peer-to-peer support. 
          Combined with the opportunity to earn points and win prizes, it makes learning fun!

Improve readability and ability to influence with crystal clarity, using fewer words, Plain English and persuasive language.

Sentences too long?

Language too formal or informal?

Not using active voice?

Repetition of words and phrases?

Not writing with the reader in mind?

Do senior managers waste time proof reading the writing of junior staff before it goes out to clients?


Any questions? email [email protected] 

What People Say . . .

Loved the variety – daily inspirations, weekly challenges, coach's corner, video microlessons, participant interaction and support.  Jackie V

  Clear examples, excellent variety, knowledgeable coach. – David E

 Learned how to write with clarity, fewer words, writing active voice.  Julie T

 ‘A normally boring topic, presented in a fun way. – Marj H

 I noticed a marked improvement in my team’s writing, which saves me time. – Laurent F

Invest 5 min x 30 days


MON 7 AUG 2023

 $77 incl GST per person 

What you will learn

  • Write clearly, concisely and accurately.
  • Improve readability; follow a logical structure.
  • Write more effective emails.
  • Use intentional language to improve persuasiveness.
  • Avoid wordiness, idea gaps, poor grammar and spelling.
  • Adopt a professional style and tone.
  • Take pressure off managers having to proof read before sending

Why It Works

The 30-day Business Writing Short 'n' Sweet is a user-driven, self-paced app that’s powered by applicable neuroscience, positive psychology, and human connection to keep you inspired, motivated, and accountable. 

It comes with world-class coaching and a supportive community of like-minded frontline employees from a mix of organisations, both business and government

Learners can take it at their own pace, wherever they are, and most importantly, when they are “ready.”

It’s designed to be easy to follow and transformational by encouraging users to apply small changes which continuously raises the bar in serviceFive minutes a day is all it takes to achieve this transformation.



Meet Your Coach

Nina Sunday

Hi there. My name is Nina Sunday and I have helped thousands of people in the workplace improve their communication and ability to influence.

What motivates me? I love seeing the lights go on in people's heads; the light of an ah-ha moment when they get it – a new idea, a better way to do things.

A Queensland University graduate, Bachelor of Arts (Eng/Psych), Diploma in Education (Eng) Nina commenced her career as a high school English teacher.

Nina is also a graduate of the 3-year full-time Australian Film, TV and Radio School (Sydney) course in Production Management and Direction. Nina went on to work as a Production Manager at ABC Television before launching her training company.

Having published two books, the most recent, ‘Workplace Wisdom for 9 to Thrive’, Nina hosts the management podcast, ‘Manage Self, Lead Others’ on C-Suite Radio.

I’m now considered an expert in the field of communication and influence so I’m well qualified to coach you.










100% Of Our App Users Agree That

. . . the app is easy to use.

. . . daily mini tasks make it easy to stay consistent.

. . . the Challenge was a positive influence in my life.

Nina's Credentials


  • Nina Sunday is founder of Brainpower Training Pty Ltd and leads a team of Facilitators Australia-wide delivering essential workplace skills – Communication, Productivity, Leadership and Change.

  • With a Bachelor of Arts (Eng/Psych) and Diploma in Education (Eng) and a graduate of the Australian Film, TV and Radio School, Nina worked as Production Manager at ABC Television, Sydney, before launching her training company.

  • She has been engaged over 2000 times as a keynote speaker and workshop leader in Australia, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand and South Pacific by more than 500 organisations. 

  • The Australian Institute of Training and Development gave Nina a prestigious Innovation in Learning national award.

  • Nina served two terms as NSW State President of Professional Speakers Australia, then as Qld State President

  • Published two books, most recently (2018), ‘Workplace Wisdom for 9 to Thrive'.

  • Nina hosts the popular management podcast, Manage Self, Lead Others on C-Suite Radio and frequently listed in top 100 lists globally.

 What People Say

Because putting what you learn into practice is the main thing, the 30-Day Challenge format is better than a workshop. I can't count the number of training courses I've done! The problem is, you attend the session, you write down as much as you can, then you get busy, then you forget, and end up not using 50%.

Whereas with the 30-Day Challenge and 5 minutes of microlearning a day, I can pick a good time to view each lesson, then have time to implement a new behaviour between lessons. I can even go back and review a past lesson while the Challenge is on. Today is the final day and I reckon I’ve already applied 70% of what I learned. - David H.


Invest 5 mins x 30 days


MON 7 AUG 2023

$77 incl GST per person 

Frequently Asked Questions

No Risk. Only Benefits.

If not satisfied with your results within the first 10 days, we're happy to provide full refund.

Invest 5 min x 30 days


MON 7 AUG 2023


Just 5 minutes a day, learn to:

  • Express yourself clearly using fewer words
  • Strike the right tone - neither too formal nor officious, not too casual, but just right for business
  • Make writing less wordy, more direct, more "vigorous"
  • Increase rapport by writing with the reader in mind
  • Use white space, layout, bullets, to good effect