3 unobvious changes
to selling as millennials become decision-makers



Live Q&A < 28:33 > 25 June 2020
Nina Sunday interviews Brainpower Training Facilitator, 
Matt Featherstone


Yes! Face-to-face training (with social distancing) at your workplace Australiawide

Yes! We are virtual ready: 
- live facilitator-led delivery online
(not just a 'webinar' but a live workshop simulation)

Question-based Selling

How you can work with Matt Featherstone
Selling today is asking questions then offering a solution to match.

  • Avoid the trap of relying on Influencers: Decision-makers matter the most

  • Come across as a consultative, trusted advisor. 

  • Ask more questions to offer a targeted solution.

  • Use question-based sales to uncover hidden needs and emphasise the pain of not taking action.

  • Manage buyer resistance and secure prospect commitment.

  • Sales may require multiple touches; how to stay focused on follow-up.

  • Avoid discounting by negotiating on value and ROI (return on investment).

  • The secret 9-word email that gains the attention of a prospect who's giving you the silent treatment. 

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- customised bite-size online session (30, 60, 90 minutes)
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- one-on-one online coaching
- blended learning


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Matt Featherstone BA (Psych), Cert. Adv. Facilitation Adult Lrning, Cert IV Workplace Training and Assessment is an experienced Facilitator in Sales, Key Account Management and Winning Tenders and Bids.
          IBM head-hunted Matt to join them straight from university where, over 9 years, he rose to Senior Manager, Product Strategy.
          During 5 years at Telstra Business Services Group (Corporate) he became National General Manager. Subsequently he joined another telco, Macquarie Telecom, then other tech startups.

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