After COVID, with people working from home, leaders can't keep leading the same way they've always done.

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21 May 2020
Nina Sunday interviews Change expert, John Prentice



Yes! Face-to-face training (with social distancing) at your workplace Australiawide

Yes! We are virtual ready: 
- live facilitator-led delivery online
(not just a 'webinar' but a live workshop simulation)

Change Management training


1. Leading Change for Managers - How to lead in a Change environment using an 8-step process, including reference to Change models e.g. Kotter's 8 steps, ADKAR, Lewin's 3 steps (Freeze-Change-Unfreeze).

2. Dealing With Change - for individual contributors. Create resilience to better cope with change. Embrace change, don't resist it.

3. Prosci® Certification - through our partnership with Change Enablement Pty Ltd, contact us for information about certification - open program for individuals or inhouse for your team. Prosci includes creating a powerful, strategic plan for change.

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ABOUT JOHN PRENTICE B Ec, Cert Prof Devt (Wharton)
With over 20 years’ experience in change and people development, John Prentice is Director of Change Enablement.
He’s adept with change models including Prosci®. As well, as an accredited ExperiencePoint® facilitator, he leads virtual gamified business simulations for change management and innovation.